The origins of the family business date back more than 70 years. At first, transport was carried out with carts and mules in the post-war era, then water began to be distributed with Barreiro and Pegaso type trucks, in the era of the 70 when the “El Monin” trucks delivered drinking water to the fields and areas in Elche (Alicante) where they had no supply. 

Times change and although the main job is to continue supplying water to houses where they still do not have it as in the past, little by little we expand the service to other jobs and jobs with the supply of Water.

Although it started as sporadic things, four or five times a year, the filming of films, series and video clips are gradually becoming more and more important projects, therefore we have created a department dedicated exclusively to supplying water for such purposes, AQUAMONINSfx which originates from mixing AQUA (Water) MONIN (From the family nickname) and SFX (the abbreviation of Special Effects).

This is how the idea arose to supply water for shows, cinema, SFX, for production companies in Alicante and surrounding areas.
As it is a family business, it passes from parents to children and after the retirement of Dad Monin, it is now up to the sons Jose Manuel and Miguel Ángel to take charge of the family business, the 3rd generation with the effort and dedication of the first day.