Water for shows, film shoots, series, Sfx effects, film production companies in Alicante and surroundings.
In the film industry, when filming, it is necessary to create a specific fictitious environment in each situation that the script requires, by using water as a distinctive element, creating a storm, rain, etc. 

  It also plays an important role in ambient lighting with street spray, wet down makes a difference by playing with reflections.

Or when the weather is adverse it is also necessary to wet the dusty road in action scenes with vehicles, drones, helicopters...

AQUAMONINSfx supplies you with water for your film project, tell us what you need and we will inform you.


— Supply Sfx with water for recreations of rain, storms, underwater scenes, all types of special effects with water, etc.


— Filling IBC containers, stage counterweights, decorating props so that the wind does not blow them away, etc.
—Supply of drinking water for events, concerts, festivals, movie recording sets, series, television.


— Making wet dows of the ground for lighting effects, streets, tracks for action vehicles, dirt roads to avoid raising dust in scenes with vehicles, helicopters, etc.

— Water for outdoor shows at patron saint festivities, private events, Chupinazos.


— Rental of a water tanker truck by the hour with driver for filming of movies, series, video clips, etc.

— Water supply for film shoots, television series, video clips, advertisements, etc.

— Supply of water for human consumption for filming staff.

Tell us what you need related to water in your project and AQUAMONINSfx he supplies it to you.